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The Code of Legislation sets forth the rules governing graduate education as established by the graduate faculty of Cornell University.

CB Field OFFICIAL POLICY on Funding Support: if you are currently a 1st or 2nd year graduate student in the Field of Computational Biology, you are not explicitly required to TA at all during your graduate career.  Having said that, your funding is guaranteed your first year by the program and the following years to you by your PI (minimum 3 years, option of a 4th, which is up to your PI).   For these latter years, 2nd-4th (and 5th if ok'd by your PI) the exact form of your funding is up to your PI.  This means that your PI may decide to fund you the entire time on an RA or a fellowship available to them and/or they may also have you TA for some of the semesters at their discretion.