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PhD Program in Computational Biology Timeline


Deadline Description Responsible Party
Dec 1 Application deadline Student
Early-Jan Interview invitations sent CB DGS
~February Selected applicants are interview during Open House CB DGS
~March Acceptance notifications sent CB DGS
April 15 Deadline: Students accept offers of admission Student


Deadline Description Responsible Party
April-Aug Follow grad School "to do" guidelines Student
April-June Begin reaching out to faculty to setup your first lab rotations Student

First Semester, Year 01

Deadline Description Responsible Party
Aug 16-Nov 15 Start of Fall semester/1st Lab Rotation Student
Mid-Aug Course enrollment Student
Mid-Aug CB Orientation Student
Early-Sept Submit DGS as temporary Special Committee chair (by 3rd week of classes Student
early-mid Oct Begin making arrangements for 2nd lab rotation Student
Nov 16-Feb 15 Start 2nd Lab Rotation Student
~Nov Pre-enrollment for spring courses Student

Second Semester, Year 01

Deadline Description Responsible Party
early-mid Jan Begin making arrangements for 3rd lab rotation Student
~mid-late Jan Start Spring semester Student
Feb 16-May 15 Start 3rd Lab Rotation Student
Mid-Feb CB Recruitment Open House (required to assist and help coordinate events, in conjunction with other CB students Student

Summer, Year 01

Deadline Description Responsible Party
April 15 Complete hire paperwork for Payroll (I-9 and IRPA Forms) Student/Sue
May 1-5 Deadline for selection of dissertation lab Student
May 16 Begin your dissertation work in permanent lab Student

Year 02 and Beyond

OFFICIAL POLICY on Funding Support: 
Your funding is guaranteed your first year by the program (1st year students not required to TA) and the following years to you by your PI (minimum 3 years, option of a 4th, which is up to your PI).   For these latter years, 2nd-4th (and 5th if ok'd by your PI) the exact form of your funding is up to your PI.  This means that your PI may decide to fund you the entire time on an RA/GRA or a fellowship available to them and/or they may have you TA for some of the semesters at their discretion.

Special Committee formation: You are required to have a full special committee by the end of your third semester.

A Exam: To qualify as a PhD candidate, you must pass your A Exam before the start of your seventh semester.

B Exam: After completing all degree requirements, but not earlier than one month before completing the minimum registration unit requirements. At least two registration units must be earned between passing the A Exam and the scheduling of the B Exam.

At All Times in the CB Program:

Students are required to abide by all of the policies set by the Graduate School.

All CB Students Are Required to Participate in:

Computational Biology Seminar Series