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Lab rotations

Your first year lab rotations:

Lab rotations provide an opportunity for you to explore possible PhD dissertation research during year one of the program. Your goal for lab rotations is to determine a permanent lab/advisor no later than May 1-5. By May 16 you will have transitioned into a permanent lab.

You will have a total of 3 lab rotations following the format below:
Rotation #1 = August 16-November 15
Rotation #2 = November 16-February 15
Rotation #3 = February 16-May 15

To arrange for lab rotations, it is up to you to contact the faculty member directly and discuss possible research projects. You should plan to make this communication at least 3-4 weeks prior to the rotation beginning. We encourage you to contact more than one faculty since many times your first choice is not available. For each lab rotation you are required to inform the DGS/GFA of your lab chose. Be sure your lab rotation faculty have funding for a potential permanent position in their lab.

By the end of the third rotation, you should have discussed with your rotation faculty about the possibility of joining the lab for your dissertation research. Once this has been determined and you have been accepted into the lab, you must inform the DGS/GFA of your permanent research lab choice and we will confirm with the faculty member with details.